What is a Songwriting Competition?

A fellow musician sent Fred a Facebook message with a link to The USA Songwriting Competition. He suggested we enter one of our original songs. Even though I’ve been writing lyrics for a year and a half now, I have no idea what a songwriting competition entails. I vaguely know that it’s a contest, with … Read more

How Do You Write Song Lyrics?

I spent decades of my life not writing songs. I have been writing since I was a child: short stories, poetry, philosophy… but not songs. As obsessed as I was with music, there was always something intimidating about the very best songwriters, as if they were somehow mythical, of a status which I could never … Read more

About Us

Welcome to The Lyricist’s Lens | An Americana Panorama, an independent songwriter’s narrative. Peer through the lyricist’s lens for complete immersion into the vantage point of an aspiring indie Americana artist. OUR STORY Back in September 2019, I met Fred Austin at the Hawaiian restaurant where I was a waitress and bartender. A coworker and I … Read more